Empowering Wellness Through Nature

Join Kim’s transformative wellness programs and retreats, where you’ll learn the art of using herbal products for a healthier, balanced life.

At Pure Love Botanicals, we provide the knowledge and tools to help you embrace natural wellness and holistic living.


Beauty and Vitality begin within. In this class, you’ll learn about simple and safe herbs that will profoundly support your body on every level, so you shine on the inside and out!

This is your Herbal Foundation class, where you’ll expand your holistic awareness. Understand where to start. Inspiration and practical know-how to start your healing journey.

Kim’s programs far exceeded my expectations.  We covered plants and their benefits as well as digging into how they can be used to support the various body systems – digestive, nervous, immune system.  This in itself would have been more comprehensive than I had anticipated.  

Kim, however, brings in a spiritual component to help you connect on a very deep level with the plants to truly integrate them with your own spirit.  I have been doing shamanic work for many years and adding this approach helped me to incorporate the plants into my practice.  

I have found her programs to be transformational in my approach to life – even at 68.

– Nora C.


Designed for women who are committed to healing through inner awareness. From female business owners, creatives, community leaders, to mothers and women who are ready to step into health in all areas of life.

We combine practical approaches to herbalism with an initiation into your healing process. You’ll spend the day learning empowering steps you’ll take home to continue weaving herbalism and healing throughout your life.



Cleanse and nourish it ALL in the Ocean. Join our small group of women as you replenish and energize your body & spirit.


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Nourish your roots for new growth in the deep springs of Northern Vermont at The Lakota Botanical and Wildlife Sanctuary.


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Meet Your Guide

Kim Hudson, Herbalist

Kim began studying herbalism in the early 90’s.  In 2011, Kim founded The Little Herb Shoppe, a small herbal apothecary in New Hampshire.  She combines herbs with her background of teaching yoga, massage, and somatic nervous system healing for a unique insight into why people have difficulty healing. 

Kim invites you to consider that healing is more than just treating the symptoms, or curing the disease, the chronic illness, the emotional distress, the trouble sleeping, etc… .  When we start to come into partnership with our body, and learn to listen to its messages, our health begins to shift. Our life circumstances also begins to shift.

As we lean into the plants, we tap into a powerful wellspring of healing.

And healing becomes a sacred life journey.



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